From a day, to a week, to a month

Helping an aging senior population live life to the fullest is critical to our mission at Centers Health Care, and often times that means providing the right mix of health care and daily activities. And that’s exactly what Centers Adult Day Care facilites provide. We offer medically supervised Adult Day Care on a schedule designed to meet your needs. From one day a week to five, we can provide a break for a care-giver at home who needs time to attend to other matters. And we can offer respite from the loneliness of the elderly who live by themselves, unable to get out and about.

Our courtesy transportation vans will pick up members at their door and return them home safely in the afternoon. While here, each member is medically supervised. Any doctor authorized therapy is provided by a full time team of experts, and in between, members enjoy hot meals, organized activities, and engaging activities. Instead of spending the day alone, spend it in the company of good friends who share the same interests. Most memberships are covered by insurance, too.

Visit anyone of our facilites on-line, or better still, call Gabriella Maciel at (917) 565-0532 to arrange for a tour and come see for yourself how much better life can be.

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