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From a day, to a week, to a month

Helping our members enjoy a full and independent life and a positive future is at the heart of our mission and that’s the lifestyle we provide – homey, familiar, safe and full of life. Our members enjoy the comradery of good friends, both old and new. Everyone here requires a level of care that demands help from other care-givers. At Richmond we offer medically supervised care on a schedule designed to meet the unique needs of members living with or at risk for HIV. Six days a week we provide a break for a care-giver at home who needs time to attend to other matters and offer respite from the isolation that many of our members faced before they found us.

Each member of our highly trained staff, including a dedicated social worker, registered nurse and substance abuse counselor, was selected for the unique blend of professional talent and heartfelt compassion that they exhibit every day.

Our courtesy transportation van picks up members at their door and returns them home safely in the afternoon. While here, each member is medically supervised and counselling as well as all prescribed therapy is provided by skilled professionals under the direction of the renowned team of Centers Health Care experts. Two hot, home style meals, organized activities, and a renewed sense of belonging make every day here a delight.