The Daughters of Jacob Assisted Living Program was created to cater specifically to Medicaid-eligible residents. We are one of a very few licensed facilities permitted to accept Medicaid for its Assisted Living Services. We do have a small number of beds available for residents paying themselves or with private insurance. In those cases the starting monthly rate is $4,000.

Yes, we gladly accept SSI recipients into out program.

This is your home and as long as you and your visitors are not disrupting your neighbors, there are no restrictions on visiting hours. However, we are a community of people living together and to respect everyone’s privacy we recommend 10AM – 5 PM as the preferred hours for entertaining visitors.

Our maximum capacity is 70 residents, but the exact number of residents in any given month can fluctuate slightly.

Yes there is. A resident Council committee meets monthly, and any resident is welcome.
All incoming mail is delivered to the front desk and sorted. Your personal mail will be hand delivered to you.
Every resident’s bedroom and bathroom is equipped with an emergency call bell system. Pressing the button will summon staff to assist you whenever necessary, 24 hours a day.

Within our facilities, rehabilitation and therapy are only provided to resident patients. However, our social work department can assist you with arrangements for home care, medical supplies and any other post-release requirements you may have.

This is a document that is required in New York State for all admissions to a skilled nursing or rehabilitation facility. The law requires that it be completed by a registered nurse assessor and the document tells us exactly what the potential resident’s needs and abilities are. If you don’t have a valid PRI yet and need assistance, our admissions counselor can provide you with a list of qualified nurse assessors.

A lot! At Argyle Center for Independent Living we pride ourselves on the active, vibrant lifestyles of our residents and on our dedicated activities team. Here you’ll find many amenities and activities, not to mention a wonderful group of new friends to spend your time with. Residents all enjoy the use of our rehabilitation gym with the latest equipment and the finest rehab staff. And our activities team publishes a weekly calendar with organized activities taking place every day, throughout the day. In fact, there’s so much to do that very few residents find themselves able to take advantage of all we offer. In addition, we encourage every resident to pursue his or her own hobbies. We have puzzlers, painters, musicians, bakers, writers and more living here. Some of our residents have started informal clubs in support of their personal passions and encouraged other to join in the fun. Think of your time here as an opportunity to broaden your horizons and discover exciting new pursuits.

All Centers Health Care facilities are open for visitation 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. However, the best times to visit at any facility are between the hours of 9 AM and 9PM when residents are awake, eager to entertain visitors, and when your visit will be unlikely to disrupt other residents. In addition, we have many opportunities for families to visit on special occasions, holidays, to attend summer barbecues, and more. If you provide us with your contact information we will notify of all those events in advance

While some residents pay privately or through private insurance, the majority of sub-acute residents’ expenses are covered by Medicare and Medicaid. Our admissions counselors can assist you with any specific financing questions applying to your situation.

The number of residents at the Argyle Center for Independent Living changes frequently, since we regularly release short term rehabilitation residents who have completed their therapy. However, from time to time we may be at full capacity and in those instances, there could be a brief wait for admittance. Submitting your application as early as possible is the best way to ensure that we will have a bed available for you in the desired date.

No. Every resident is unique and their individual care plans proceed according to their condition, needs and goals. Residents undergoing rehabilitation at any of our facilities stay only as long as it takes them to regain their full independence.

That depends on several factors, beginning with where you’re coming from. If a hospital patient is transferring directly to the Argyle Center for Independent Living, the hospital’s discharge planner will work with our admissions counselors to expedite the move. Usually within a matter of days we can accept the resident. If you are planning to join us from home, or from out of state, our admissions counselor will work directly with you to manage the admissions process. That begins with a state required assessment called a Patient Review Instrument (PRI) which is valid for 90 days from the time it is issued. Once the PRI and application are approved, admissions are usually accomplished within 24-48 hours.

Of course. This is our residents’ home and like the home they lived in before moving here, they are free to come and go. However, we are subject to the doctor’s orders that apply to every resident. Providing that the visit is within your doctor’s instruction, is appropriately safe, and the resident is accompanied by a family member or other responsible party, then they are free to come and go.

The Argyle Center for Independent Living will order your medications for you and provide assistance based on instructions provided by your physician.
Family members may bring cash or check to the business office and indicate they would like to deposit it into a resident’s personal account. The business office handles all resident banking needs related to personal accounts.
No. This is your home and you may come and go as you please. We do ask that you sign in and sign out with the front desk, as a necessary safety measure, and request that you arrange to be back on the premises by11PM. If you will be away overnight, please discuss your plans in advance with the case management office. There is a sign-out log kept at the front desk for your convenience.
This is your home and as long as you and your visitors are not disrupting your neighbors, there are no restrictions on visiting hours. However, we are a community of people living together and to respect everyone’s privacy we recommend 8AM – 8 PM as the preferred hours for entertaining visitors.
No. Legal regulations require that the only residents of the facility may sleep here.
The number of residents at the Argyle Independent Living Center changes from time to time due to residents moving for various reasons. To determine if there is available apartment space please contact our admissions counselor at (518) 638-8274.
Yes, we gladly accept SSI recipients into our program.
The Argyle Center accepts Supplemental Security Income (SSI) and most of our residents rely on that payment system. We also accept private insurance and will be happy to evaluate your individual circumstances and help you decide the best way to way for services.
In certain cases we can accept SSI-pending residents. Our admissions counselor can review your personal situation to see if you qualify as an SSI-pending resident.
Yes, each resident room is furnished in a comfortable, homey style with a bed, night stand, dresser, a side chair and a lamp. We also provide a television and phone in each bedroom. Linens and towels are also provided, but decorative items or wall hangings are left to the residents’ discretion.
All of our rooms are furnished with standard, twin-sized beds.
No, our housekeeping staff will handle laundry chores for your convenience. Laundry is collected from each room on a designated day and is washed, folded and returned. If you prefer to do your own laundry, you are welcome to use the resident laundry room. Regardless of who is does your laundry, we suggest that you label your garments and if you are having our staff do your laundry, please ensure that all garments are wash and wear. We cannot be responsible for delicate or dry clean items. If you need a local dry cleaner, our case manager can recommend one.
The nightstand in your apartment comes with a lockable drawer. We strongly suggest that you use it for all your valuables and that you keep it locked. In addition, we have a safe which is available for personal items. For more information, please contact case management.
Our housekeeping staff will change the bed once a week, or more frequently if needed.
Yes, a $20.00 monthly communications package provides you with telephone service, cable access and WiFi internet access.
Absolutely. This is your home and we want it to reflect it your life. Our maintenance team will be happy to assist you with hanging pictures.
Every room at the Argyle Center for Independent Living is furnished with a telephone and television and cable service is available for a monthly fee. Residents are welcome to supplement their in-room entertainment with their own additional machines.
Our maximum capacity is 35 residents, but the exact number of residents in any given month can fluctuate slightly.