Warren Center is an asset to the community

A most kind letter Ms. McKenney sent to the Post-Star

- August 26, 2017

As featured in the Post-Star

My 86-year-old husband, who has Lewy body Dementia, was admitted to Warren Center in January after a brief stay at Glens Falls Hospital. What a blessing! He was denied admission to Tri-County Nursing Home in North Creek, which is 16 miles from our home in Indian Lake, because he needed 24/7 total care and TCNH did not have enough staff to provide his needs. I am thankful that WC was willing to accept the challenge.

It took a while to adjust to Bob's new "home." He became a resident in March. I will admit that there were problems, but each of my concerns as Bob's advocate were respectfully addressed by the WC staff. I have been able to observe "up close" the various departments and staff at WC. The total staff of this health care facility is a "community" of professionals who are dedicated to provide comfort and safety to those committed to their care. Any problems that I have experienced have been addressed courteously, solutions attempted and accomplished. 

The greatest problem I experience at WC is lack of CTA staff. However, they are trying to improve and recently "imported" CTAs from Louisiana. CTAs are the backbone of patient care — up close and personal. Warren Center CTAs are "professional" in every sense of the word. They are skillful, thoughtful, kind, perceptive, sympathetic, understanding and helpful. The new CTAs are truly welcome! The present excellent nursing staff deserve appreciation for assisting with orientation and working well with their new team members.


The WC Family Council is a valuable asset to WC. Family members of residents need to be encouraged to attend their meetings and also assist in the care of their loved ones, helping to make good things happen at WC. 

There are many "Stars" at WC.

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