Our Centers are Champions in More Ways Than One

Bronx, NY - October 26, 2015

Kenny Rozenberg (R) and Daryl Hagler in their Team Centers racing jackets pose wtth the New York State NASCAR Super Stock championship trophy and the Gary Marshall Memorial trophy, one of the featured races won by the Centers team in 2015.

Every Centers Health Care facility is a champion.  We are champions to the residents we serve and their families, to our communities, and to the thousands of people each year who return to their full, independent lifestyle after successfully rehabilitating at one of our facilities.   But this year we added something a little different.  We are NASCAR champions in our maiden season! Well, our team is, anyway. 

Earlier this year a facility administrator suggested we sponsor a NASCAR stock car racing team.  Stock car racing is a popular sport in the region and he felt it would be a good way for folks in the community to see another side of Centers.  Everyone thought it was a great idea, and our Ontario, Steuben and Corning Centers became the main sponsors of the Tim Gullo Super Stock racing team. Tim and his partner Ray Marshall build and race stock cars, mostly in the Finger Lakes region of New York.  And boy are they fast!  This year Tim led all the way in points and first place finishes in feature races. 

“Winning the championship in this our first season as sponsors is a great thing, but what we love most about this is the opportunity it afforded us to attend the races with residents, to invite our colleagues to the races and let them experience all the excitement from the pits to the finish line, and to keep reminding people that nursing homes aren’t always what you think.”, said Shua Sauer, administrator of the Corning Center for Rehabilitation and Healthcare.  Corning Center, along with Ontario Center and Steuben Center sponsored the team.  “We have a great group here at Corning, as they do in Steuben and Ontario.  Life in our facilities is fun.  Our residents aren’t marking time, they’re writing exciting new chapters in their lives and living enjoyable, fulfilling lives”, he added.  “We want people in all the communities we serve to know that, and that’s why we try to do things like this.  With our sister facility in Steuben, we are sponsoring the Crystal City Christmas event in the Gaffers District here in Corning.  And we’re already talking about expanding our racing sponsorship.  Tim and Ray are ready to add races on the Adirondack and Buffalo circuits, and we hope to be there with them, cheering them on to another Centers championship season. “


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