New York's Asian Community Welcomes Centers Plan for Healthy Living

Flushing, NY - August 18, 2015

At a Grand Opening celebration on Tuesday August 18, Centers Plan for Healthy Living cut the ribbon on its new office in Flushing NY.

CPHL is a Centers Health Care company offering Managed Long Term Care in the New York area. “The need for culturally sensitive, managed long term care in this area was first brought to our attention by several of our employees. They are the ones in the field who recognized that our Asian neighbors were being underserved”, according to Mark Bloom, Chief Operating Officer of CPHL. “We decided that if we were going to engage this community, we had to go ‘all-in’. We weren’t going to take any half-measures. We began by searching for a location in the heart of the neighborhood, then hiring staff locally, and preparing our materials in Chinese and Korean. Today, when we opened our door, we had a fully staffed office with 18 employees, all speaking Mandarin, Cantonese or Korean, and we anticipate doubling that in the coming months” Bloom added.

The local office is not the only Chinese and Korean staff at CPHL. The nurses, home health aides, therapists and others that the Centers Plan case managers will send out to deliver the needed care are primarily of Asian descent. Moshe Adelman leads the team responsible for introducing CPHL to the Asian Community. “We’re becoming a part of this community in a very big way”, he said. “We aren’t simply trying to sell a long term care program here. As part of the Centers Health Care family, we’re in the business of providing the best possible health care to every individual we serve. That means delivering care in the right place, often in the person’s home.” That sentiment was echoed by Alain Koek, Director of Asian Community Initiatives. “Being able to communicate in the same language and being mindful of cultural sensitivities are especially critical. But we’re going beyond that. To live up to the commitment we made to the Asian community, we opened an office right here in Flushing, and asked Yvonne Li to take over as our Clinical Team Mnaager. All of Yvonne’s staff have been hired from this commnity, and we plan to continue being the kind of good corporate citizen that our neighbors can benefit from on many levels.”

Kenny Rozenberg, CEO of Centers Health Care, was on hand for the ribbon cutting and the celebration that followed. “I’m proud to be here to help open this office. The CPHL team has been planning this for a long time and they are ready to go to work immediately” he said. “And the welcome that we received from community leaders, neighbors and residents only affirms what we believed all along, that this is a community that we want to be a part of; that these are people that we want to serve and to make a part of the Centers family as customers and employees. I know everyone on our team will work tirelessly to live up to the commitment that we’re making today” The CPHL office is located at 130-30 31st Ave. in Flushing. They can reached at (718) 215-7000.

For more information contact Alain Koek at (917) 993-0797, or

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