DOJ - Fostering Community Relationships with NYPD

Bronx, NY - March 16, 2016

Our own Elyse Albee, Recreation Director at the Daughters of Jacob Nursing Home, spent a day in police custody recently. But wait! It was the good kind of custody! Elyse was representing Daughters of Jacob, one of five organizations recognized by the 44th Precinct and New York City police commissioner Bill Bratton for their exemplary commitment to fostering positive community relations.

Elyse Albee outside the NYPD Hall of Heroes
Police commissioner Bratton addresses the honorees

As the Recreation Director, Elyse also serves as the leader of the Daughters of Jacob grass roots outreach program. The program, initiated by Centers CEO Kenny Rozenberg, is designed to build strong relations between the residents of our facilities and the surrounding communities we serve. It helps our residents maintain their ties to the community they lived in before moving to a Centers facility, and it keeps the community aware of the services and resources we can provide them with.

“As much as I love taking care of our residents right here, is how much I enjoy being out in the community and inviting the community in”, said Elyse. We have activities going on all the time where we invite people from the neighborhood to come in and join our residents for different events. Most of the people here came from the local area and they enjoy seeing old familiar faces coming in. Plus it’s a great way for people in the neighborhood to see how well their old neighbors are doing.”

One of Elyse’s favorite groups to work with in the neighborhood are the police officers who serve the Claremont and Morrisania sections of the Bronx. “The police in our community are the real heroes of the Bronx. They’re willing to risk their lives for us every day so as part of our grass roots effort, we try to do whatever we can for them. This year we hosted a Police Brunch, a Neighborhood Heroes event, and we invite them to many of our celebrations”.

In his remarks, police commissioner Bratton noted that the Community Partners are one key to helping the NYPD learn about the neighborhoods they protect, adding that the Partnership helps cultivate trust between the area residents and the police. We think our local police couldn’t have a better person to learn about the community from, than Elyse Albee. Congratulations Elyse, from all of us at Centers Health Care.

When asked about her favorite part of the day, Elyse responded immediately – “The ride in the police van with the lights and sirens”. So it’s true – there really is a little kid in all of us!

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