Centers Health Care Teams Up with Senior Wishes

- August 4, 2016

(L to R) Ellenette Park, Director of Nursing at Waterfront Center, Colin Hart, Waterfront Administrator, Michelle Hardy, Assistant Administrator Buffalo Center

Senior Wishes, the United Church Home Society (UCHS) group located in Orchard Park, has been making the wishes of Western New York’s elderly come true for the past three years.  And thanks to Centers Health Care and their Buffalo Center for Nursing and Rehabilitation and Waterfront Center for Rehabilitation and Healthcare, they made one local resident very happy indeed.  Mary D. desperately wanted to be able to attend her grandson’s wedding in Atlanta, Georgia, but the airfare and other expenses put it out of her reach.  That’s when she thought of UCHS and entered an application for a Senior Wish. 

To grant this special wish, UCHS turned to Centers Health Care, which has long been an ardent supporter of the group.  “We’re a community resource” said Dave Denny, administrator of the   Buffalo Center Rehabilitation and Nursing.  “We see our role here in Buffalo as providing for the care and well-being of all our neighbors, not just those who are in need of full time care.”  Colin Hart, administrator of the Waterfront Center for Rehabilitation and Healthcare echoed those feelings.  “A large number of our residents are here for just a short time while they rehabilitate from surgery or some other medical issue.  And we host the local community here all the time, for educational seminars, entertainment, health screenings and the like.  We consider ourselves family here, so when got the call about helping Mary stay connected with her family by attending this very special event, we were happy to try and help out.”  

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