Celebrating America's Veterans

McKnight’s and Geri-Care Feature 3 Veterans from 3 Different Centers (Essex Center, Boro Park Center and Troy Center)

- November 10, 2017

At Geri-Care we are doing our part to help inspire and honor United States veterans. Coining the “Call for Heroes” campaign, Geri-Care is honoring one veteran a month with an event to commemorate their heroic actions.

With events nationwide, we are extremely passionate about ensuring that senior citizens LIVE LIFE WELL. By recognizing and awarding these guardians of freedom, we are confident that Americans everywhere will feel motivated to live their best life, no matter their age.

As a token of the their generous honor and service, Geri-Care is giving each veteran a Geri-Care Hero medal. Beginning August 2017, we've traveled to one hero's nursing home each month, organizing a celebratory event in their tribute and granting the hero's chosen wish. So far, four heroes have been honored.

New York was the first stop Geri-Care made, to honor Coast Guard veteran George Allison. He served with Honor during World War II, and to this day said he would have stayed in the military for 20 more years if he could have. Allison was honored on August 3 at the Smithtown Rehabilitation Center in Smithtown, NY.

Our next hero, Thomas Buckley, was also recognized in his home state of New York at the Essex Center in Elizabeth, NY. He served in the Army of Occupations and was stationed in Italy for most of his stay. He considers himself lucky to have served his country and to see the world.

In September, Geri-Care celebrated Walter Romeo in Tampa, FL, at The Hacienda Villas location for Angel Senior Living. He served in the US Navy during World War II. He was excited to be surrounded by friends and family during his Call for Heroes event.

Most recently, Geri-Care headed back to Brooklyn, NY, to celebrate a fourth hero, Peter Ward, at The Boro Park Center. Ward served in the Army during World War II and was assigned to the intelligence unit. Even after his time in the Army was up, he decided to re-enlist so he could continue to serve our country.

This month, Geri-Care is excited to honor 102-year-old World War II Veteran Sergeant Bruno Doriguzzi. He was awarded the American Service Medal, Bronze Star, and Good Conduct Medal for his time in the 398th infantry. The celebration will be held at Bruno's nursing home, the Troy Center, in NY.

All heroes are unique in their own story of life and service, and all were nominated by their respective nursing homes. We are excited about the future of the campaign, as they plan to expand and start honoring nurses in 2018.

Being part of the Call for Heroes campaign was has been such a meaningful experience for me personally. Awarding these heroes each month has been a great addition to Geri-Care's efforts to inspire America's elderly LIVE LIFE WELL. No matter a person's age, everyone can live their greatest life, and Geri-Care helps make that both mentally and physically possible.

From Geri-Care's commitment to manufacturing quality OTC pharmaceuticals at the lowest price, to programs such as the Call for Heroes campaign, we want to fuel all its efforts by the promise to help seniors live their greatest life. And whether it's awarding medals or granting their wish, we arehappy to brighten the days of all those who have made sure others could also live their life as well.

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