Bannister Center holds Thank You Brunch for First Responders

The Providence Fire Department and The Providence Police Department feasts with Bannister Center

- May 1, 2017

As featured in The Pawtucket Times

PROVIDENCE — With May in the air, the Bannister Center on Dodge Street in Providence recently held a thank you brunch for some of Rhode Island’s bravest and finest.

The brunch kicked off of at 11:30 a.m. last Tuesday and lasted to 1 p.m., where all kinds of food was prepared and warm speeches were delivered by the Providence Police Department and Providence Fire Department.

The speeches encapsulated everyone who attended the engagement.

“These are some of the great men who keep us safe in this city,” said Dolores Medina, Bannister Center’s activities director. “We owe them our lives everyday so this brunch is the least we can do to show that we appreciate them immensely.”

Pawtucket Fire Chief William Sisson was on hand for the festivities.

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