A year after completing her recovery at the Bronx Center for Rehabilitation and Healthcare, Doralynn Bonds, returns to the place that helped healed her

Bronx, NY - February 3, 2016

Doralynn Bonds

Like so many of our success stories, this one began with a new resident arriving at our Bronx Center for Rehabilitation and Healthcare with a post-surgical need for rehabilitation. Doralynn came to Bronx Center after extensive surgery to replace both of her hips. She was unable to walk and suffering with uncontrollable pain. “They worked me every day, and they worked me hard” she says of her therapy team. “I almost felt like giving up at first, but they wouldn’t let me”. In just three weeks, the physical therapy team at Bronx Center had Doralynn up and walking, her pain was reduced to manageable discomfort, and she was able to be released home to resume a fully independent lifestyle.

While she was a resident, Doralynn’s restricted movement made it impossible at first for her to attend the regular church services held at the Center. She had also gotten to know other residents with similar difficulties. So, a few months after her discharge, Doralynn asked if she could return to Bronx Center, only this time, she would be helping others on their journey of recovery by bringing the Gospel to their bedsides. She brought her faith, her experience, and her spirit, and the boost she brought to other residents was felt throughout the building. Since she started, she has been joined by many others from her church every first and third Saturday at Bronx Center and her mission continues to this day.

On February 6, Doralynn and the Bethel Gospel Assembly at Manhattan, along with Harlem Gospel singer James Ramsey, the Salvation Deliverance Church at Harlem and others will all be at Bronx Center for an anniversary celebration and to bring their collective mission of hope to others who are just starting their rehabilitation with us, or who have chosen to make their home with us. All are welcome. The Bronx Center is located at 1010 Underhill Ave, Bronx NY.

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