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  • Jenny Amaya, RN

    Jenny Amaya, RN
    Director of Nursing

    Each and every member of the Bushwick Adult Day Care Center is a beneficiary of Jenny’s sincerity, compassion, and dedication to her calling. Jenny is a nurse, first, last and always. “I love nursing. What other job lets you do so much good for so many people? And best of all, I love that we take such good care of people here, but that we do it in a social setting. After all, enjoying life is a big factor on maintaining good health.” And that’s Jenny. A nurse for 19 years, a friend, a great colleague and a great teacher. You or your loved can rest easy knowing Jenny is in charge.

  • Yuliza Lopez, LNHA

    Yuliza Lopez, LNHA

    Yuliza is both the program coordinator and a licensed social worker, so she is usually the first person any one meets when they join a Centers Adult Day Care facility. And first impressions mean a lot. Yuliza is upbeat, positive, and a ton of fun. She is also one of the most understanding, compassionate people you will ever meet, and she makes certain that everyone’s need are met. Whether she is helping the program participant or assisting a family member, if there’s an issue that social work can resolve, she’ll find a way to resolve it. “I wasn’t looking for a job. I was looking for an answer to my calling, which is to help care for people in need. And I found the perfect answer right here in Bushwick.”

  • Miguel Cheque

    Miguel Cheque
    Director of Therapy

    Everyone loves Miguel. He’s one of those holistic healers that understands the need to treat the whole person, not just one specific injury. On any given day he may be found setting people up on various exercise machines, helping others through a series of hands-on range-of-motion stretches, or massaging sore backs. Is it any wonder that therapy is always one of every resident’s favorite part of the day?

  • Richard Osario

    Richard Osario
    Director of Recreation

    Richard has a great job. He’ll be the first to tell you that he gets paid to have fun, and to make sure everyone around him is having fun, too. And the fact is, he is great at having fun! Richard heads the Recreation Department for Centers Health Care’s Adult Day Health Care program. It’s his job to know what people like to do and to see that they get to do it. Often. Born and raised in Queens, Richard earned his degree in Art Therapy from Long Island University and has been working in the adult care world for ten years. “I’ve been having fun for ten years, but there’s a serious side to what I do, too. I love to use the science of recreation to engage people and to enhance their lives, to see how recreation keeps them sharp, focused, and often how it can be used to help people recover from strokes, cardiac incidents, surgeries and other medical conditions. Trips, games, crafts, they all serve a very high purpose in our program.” But for most of our residents, it all comes down to having a great time each and every day they spend here. And we have Richard to thank for that.

  • Gabriela Marciel
    Director of Admissions and Marketing

    Gabriela has been in sales for over 30 years, but she hates to call it sales. “I’m not selling, I’m explaining. Because if you really get to know our service, you’ll want to join us. I started out in the travel industry, which taught me a lot of being in the business of having a good time. And I got to see the world without having to spend all my money on plane fare” she jokes. Gabriela’s compassion and commitment mixed with her fun-loving nature makes her a perfect fit for the Centers team. “I’ve been here for four years and it’s been incredible”. She is the first person many people meet when they’re considering joining us, and she always makes a great first impression. “I have the privilege of meeting folks from many different walks of life whose paths have brought them to us for one reason or another. My goal is to be a guide and resource for anyone considering our program or needing help with the process. It’s truly a blessing that I have the opportunity to help others each and every day here at Centers.”