Welcome to Centers Health Care, New York, New Jersey and Rhode Island’s premier group of skilled nursing, rehabilitation and senior care services.

Centers Health Care is a complete family of health care resources contributing to nearly every aspect of the post-acute health care continuum. Every facility in the Centers Health Care continuum excels at rehabilitation and therapy as well as nursing home care, and many offer adult day care (social and medical) and assisted living. For those whose care needs can be met at home, Centers Home Care provides expert care ranging from home health aides to registered nurses and certified physical therapists along with a full range of home medical supplies. Our continuing medical education and skilled nursing facility management & consulting services have improved the lives of thousands of nursing home residents while Centers Plan for Healthy Living provides managed long term care plans to the elderly, enabling thousands more to obtain the services and benefits they are entitled to.

Since our founding in 1996, we are proud to say that Centers Health Care has added to our group more than 3,000 “at risk” skilled nursing beds, beds that were located in homes which were struggling to provide quality care, and in many cases were in imminent risk of failure. The thought of displacing so many vulnerable people has and continues to drive our growth in this industry, rescuing home after home and turning them into premium facilities.

If there is something a resident needs, or something that will improve health care delivery in the communities we serve, the local Centers facility will try to provide it. We’ve helped bring state of the art renal dialysis to underserved neighborhoods, helped thousands get the benefits they deserve through our managed care plans, and helped thousands more to stay in their own homes while receiving quality home health care. We will never relax our efforts to serve the people who served all of us for so long.

We invite you to explore our site and learn more about what makes these facilities and services so special. But most of all, we want you to learn about what “Heart. Health. Home.” means to all of us, and to everyone whose lives we touch. As the embodiment of our guiding principles, “Heart. Health. Home.” defines the Centers Health Care family, its thousands of employees and residents, and the commitment we make to every resident, patient, family member and customer who put their faith in Centers Health Care.

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